Chapter 2b of Part 2 Code of Practice sets out the requirement for local health boards and the local authorities in the area to form partnership arrangements to undertake a population needs assessment.


Where a combined population assessment report has been produced, local authorities and health boards should produce a joint area plan. These joint area plans must provide a description of the range and level of services proposed to be provided or arranged in response to the care and support needs, including the support needs of carers, identified in the combined population assessment reports.


Joint area plans must focus on the integrated services planned in response to each core theme identified in the population assessment. As part of this, joint area plans must include:


  • the actions partners will take in relation to the priority areas of integration for regional partnership boards;
  • the instances and details of pooled funds to be established in response to the population assessment;
  • how services will be procured or arranged to be delivered, including by alternative delivery models;
  • details of the preventative services that will be provided or arranged;
  • actions being taken in relation to the provision of information, advice and assistance services;
  • actions required to deliver services through the medium of Welsh.


The first area plans must be published by 1st April 2018.