Peggy is 100 years old and had to spend 9 weeks in University Hospital, Llandough. Prior to her admission, she had been living alone in her own home and she wanted to return there.

Mrs Stinton is 100 years old and had to spend 9 weeks in University Hospital, Llandough with pneumonia, being discharged on 28 August 2016. Prior to her admission, she had been living alone in her own home where she had lived with her husband, and had cared for her late sister, and she wanted to return there.


While still having an active mind, Mrs Stinton does have challenges insofar as she is extremely hard of hearing and has very limited sight.


When she was ready for discharge the Occupational Therapist from the Community Resource Team (CRT) visited
and arranged for equipment to be provided to enable her to continue to live independently. Mrs Stinton was provided with zimmer frames for upstairs and downstairs, a perching stool for the bathroom, a seat in the bath, chair raisers, raised seats for both her toilets, and a bed frame to help her in getting into and out of bed.


Although Mrs Stinton has her niece Margaret and a nephew who help her with various aspects of her life, neither is able to be a full time carer for her. Margaret is the only one living in Cardiff and she does make sure that she sees Mrs Stinton on Saturdays. For Mrs Stinton to be able to stay independent at home it was very important for a care package to be set in place. Four visits a day from carers were arranged.


On the day of discharge, the Occupational Therapist came to Mrs Stinton’s home to help her settle in and give some guidance on how to readjust the equipment. She was quite weak when she came out of hospital, so a rehabilitation package was ready for her when she got home, and Mrs Stinton is now much stronger. She had had several falls before her recent admission, so the intention was to prevent more falls if possible. Owing to her very poor sight, Mrs Stinton has been told not to cook or use the kettle any more, but the carers ensured that she had meals and drinks, and the OT helped with ensuring that Wiltshire Farm Foods provide meals that can be prepared for her. The carers also help Mrs Stinton with her medications, to have a wash in the mornings and a bath once a week.


She referred to the OT who set up the arrangements as “wonderful” and the carers as “all lovely people”. Importantly, Margaret stated that she trusted every single one of them and that she had absolutely no worries about Mrs Stinton’s care while the CRT was involved. Margaret said, “Without (the Community Resource Team), she would have had to go into a home”. Both Mrs Stinton and her niece said that they have been very impressed by the service.


With thanks to North & West Community Resource Team and Mrs Stinton for sharing her story. November 2016


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