As part of the Integrated Disability Services Project, we have brought together a range of key services such as neurodevelopmental clinics and the Families First Advice Line so that parents have one point of access for information, advice and signposting. Here’s how it works in practice:


A concerned parent spoke to Families First Advice Line staff at Llandough Hospital about his son Dylan. Dylan was expressing a lot of anger and frustration and was refusing to go to school. It was agreed that Dylan’s dad would be contacted by a Families First Advisor for a more in depth, private conversation about Dylan and his needs.


During this call, Dylan’s dad was advised that a DLA claim may be possible for Dylan. He explained that he was worried
about the effect Dylan’s behaviour was having on his education and expressed concern about Dylan’s future appointment at Llandough Hospital’s children centre.


Based on this call, the Families First Advice Team made a number of referrals to services for Dylan and his dad and was able to provide them with useful information. A referral was made directly to the Citizens Advice Bureau’s – Better Advice Better Lives (BABL) team, who supported Dylan’s DLA application. Dylan’s dad was also referred on to Barnardo’s Community Counselling Service.


An “Anxiety Guide for Parents” was provided from Cerebra, along with information leaflets including “Top Ten tips for Families of Children with Autism Traits or Autism” and “ADD/ADHD Parenting Tips”. Three small booklets for young people were issued, including “Anger Issues”, “Young Minds Matter” and “Sleep Tips”.


As a result of the advice, referrals and support from the Families’ First Advice line, Dylan’s dad felt less alone and that he had a better understanding of Dylan’s disability and anxiety. Dylan’s dad said, “Thank you so much for all your help. I am glad I spoke to you”.


With thanks to Dylan and his Dad for sharing their story. Names have been changed. December 2018


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