The Independent Living Service provides information on retaining independence, housing, financial support, equipment, access to adult care, third sector services and much more. Here’s how they helped Fred:


Fred was referred to the Independent Living Officer (ILO) by an Occupational Therapist (OT) who was concerned about his social isolation. Fred had a physical disability caused by sepsis which affected the muscles in his back and caused excruciating pain in his legs. His oven was not working so he was using the hob only, and he was sleeping in a chair as it was warmer and more  comfortable than his bed.


The OT completed a full holistic assessment. Following this, Fred was supplied with a bath lift, allowing him to access his bath safely, and a pillow lifter, allowing him to sleep more comfortably in bed. The ILO recognised that Fred was eligible for additional Pension Credit through the Severe Disability Premium. This, along with Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance, increased Fred’s income by £1,820 per year. This enabled him to pay for taxis to the GP and regular attendance at Age Concern


It was also identified that Fred has been previously employed in the Civil Service. He was helped to approach The Civil Service Charity who provided a free cooker, allowing Fred to use an oven to cook hot meals once again. Whilst completing The Civil Service Charity application forms it became apparent that Fred owed £7,000 on his credit card and had a £4,000 bank loan. His current credit card was charging interest at 26.9%, so he was supported to apply for a 0% interest credit card. The Civil Service Charity were also able offer some financial assistance with the bank loan.


This support from the OT and ILO helped Fred to maintain independence in the home he had lived in for over 40 years, improved his well-being, and reduced the need for Social Care intervention.


With thanks to the Independent Living Service and Fred for sharing their story. Names have been changed. December 2018


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