Contact One Vale provides multidisciplinary access to care services for adults who need support, care or protection. The
service includes a Third Sector Broker who can signpost individuals to third sector services in their local area.


Margaret is a 91 year-old, housebound lady who lives alone. She tries hard to remain independent despite various chronic conditions including heart problems and osteoporosis. She suffers constant pain and has had several fractures which have resulted in various hospital admissions.


Margaret was referred to the Age Connects Third Sector Broker several times by Social Services, with a request for a befriending volunteer and for support with dog sitting at a crisis point; Margaret had been admitted to hospital as an emergency and her dog had been left unattended in her flat.


The Broker made a referral to Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern (DPVC). Their Befriending Service Coordinator
promptly got in contact with the Warden of Margaret’s sheltered accommodation and identified a volunteer to visit Margaret once a week. Margaret and the befriender go out to cafes, local parks in her community and surrounding areas. The befriending volunteer also takes Margaret’s dog for walks and has looked after it when she has been in hospital and on discharge home.


Now Margaret can remain living in her own home independently, as she wishes. She is able to get out of the house to places she enjoys in good company and her general health and wellbeing has improved considerably. Thanks to the befriender, Margaret has a sense of security, purpose and something to look forward to.


Margaret reported that the volunteer is a very nice and helpful person who does not only take her out every week but also pops in on other days to check if she is alright. Margaret added that between the volunteer and her private cleaner she is very well supported, giving her peace of mind.


With thanks to Margaret for sharing her story. Name has been changed. December 2018


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