Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has received donations from generous businesses, organisations and members of the public to support our NHS staff, patients and volunteers affected by Covid-19. Funds received have already ensured that many projects that improve the patient and staff experience have been supported.


The Cardiff & Vale Health Charity are delighted to launch the Covid funds application process.


How to Apply


Criteria for applicants

•      Funding well-being for staff and volunteers on wards/departments e.g. this could include furniture for rest rooms.

•      Supporting patients’ mental health through isolation with electronic communication devices, to enable them to communicate with family and friends.

•      Other items as identified by members and their NHS bodies that enhance the well-being of NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by Covid-19.

•      NHS Charities have been advised that dependent on local priorities and in consultation with clinical and senior managers, health boards and charities are free to use funding for early interventions.


Principles of assessing bids and encouraging bids from under-represented groups.

•      Any granting of monies will be provided on the basis of real need. We recognise that some groups commonly experience poorer access to health, employment, have fewer training opportunities and are under-represented in the workforce, particularly at senior level.

In addition, we know that not all groups have the same access to services and their experiences of receiving health services may be poorer. We believe that in order to level the playing field, we may need to treat people differently to help them have the same chance to take part in the bids process.


  • We fund initiatives that deal with the causes of disadvantage and exclusion and target our money to fund projects that help include groups at greatest risk. Our understanding of disadvantaged and excluded takes into account factors like people’s experience of discrimination

Visit the Cardiff & Vale Health charity website for more information.