In line with the Welsh Government’s ‘A Healthier Wales’ agenda, Ty Gwyn Special school in Ely-Cardiff, has received funding from the Integrated Care Fund (ICF) and Cardiff Council. This will help support the delivery of upgraded facilities for pupils and staff. The school which supports children with complex learning needs, will receive £775,000 from the ICF.


Use of the ICF Funding at Ty Gwyn

Funding for the two-phased project has gone towards upgrading facilities at the school, including;

  • Provision of three additional classrooms
  • Changing facilities
  • A soft play area
  • Refurbishment of an office space and a
  • A multi-use function room.

During her visit to the school last Thursday, Julie Morgan, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services said: “By making better use of resources and moving away from traditional ways of delivering services, the Integrated Care Fund is making health and care services more person-centred and closer to home.”

She also highlighted how this could result in helping to alleviate pressure on vital NHS and social care services. “These new ways of working will be vital to creating a health and social care system in Wales that is fit for the future, as set-out in A Healthier Wales” she said.


Meredith Gardiner, Programme Manager for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership added: “The aim of the Integrated Care Fund is to drive and enable working between social services, health, housing and the third and independent sectors and we are delighted to see the progress and impact that the ICF is having in the lives of the pupils at Ty Gwyn.”

She expressed how the school’s success demonstrates the ongoing benefits of a partnership between education, social services and healthcare and the positive impact this has on a child-centred care provision.

How Is This Making Difference?

Pupils at the school have access to on-site nurses, therapists, support workers and physicians who assist with their medical needs; a provision which has been well received by the pupils and their families.

Lynnette, one of the parents whose child attends Ty Gwyn said: “Having all these professionals at the school has made a huge difference to us. Because my daughter knows them, she is also more relaxed. They are brilliant in helping her with what she needs.”

The ICF funding has also provided circa £100,000 per annum. This will provide three Day Opportunities Officers who work in the school alongside the pupils to help them prepare and transition into their adult lives, helping them live as independently as possible.

Phase Two of the funding will provide an additional three classroom spaces at the school. By the completion of the project, the school would be able to accommodate an additional 30 children with learning needs.