We would like to hear your views on the Draft Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Area Plan and what we can do to improve health and well-being.


The Area Plan provides the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Regional Partnership Board’s response to the findings of the Population Needs Assessment, which was published in March 2017.


It has been prepared to meet the requirements of the Statutory Guidance in relation to Area Plans under section 14A of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.


The Area Plan sets out the key needs identified within the Population Assessment, along with the priority areas for action in response to the findings. In addition, an Area Action Plan has also been developed which provides the detail of how these priorities with be delivered.


The main focus of both plans will be the Regional Partnership Board’s responsibilities for the integration of services in relation to:


  • Older people, including people with dementia
  • Children with complex needs
  • Learning disability and autism
  • Adult and young carers
  • Integrated Family Support Services


Where there are other care and support themes identified which are led by other Partnerships and planning arrangements across the region, both Plans will signpost to existing reporting mechanisms to enable progress to be monitored.


We would be grateful if you could provide your views via the online survey by Sunday 3rd December 2017: www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=150661454012


Alternatively, please email any comments direct to hsc.Integration@wales.nhs.uk by 3rd December.