For the purposes of our work, an ‘older person’ is defined as someone aged 65 years and above. However, of particular interest are those over the age of 85, due to the growing number of people in this cohort.

In 2018, the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) was commissioned by the Partnership to undertake research into the future housing and associated care requirements amongst people aged 50 years and above. The report – An Assessment of Older Persons Housing and Accommodation 2018 – contains a number of recommendations and is now being used to inform the work of the Partnership’s Health, Housing and Care Programme Board.

Our Market Position Statement and Commissioning Strategy sets out our regional approach to overcoming these challenges and delivering our shared vision of improving the health and well-being of older people, no matter how complex their needs, so that they are supported to maintain their independence and live a fulfilling life. Over the next five years, we will focus on commissioning services and supporting the local care and support market to enable the following objectives and priorities to be achieved:


  • What Matters to Me: Listening and working with people in need of care and support to jointly find solutions to meet their needs
  • Home First: Enabling people to live at home, or as close to home as possible, in accommodation appropriate to their needs and where they can live well, thrive and remain independent
  • Sustainable and Prudent Use of Resources: Promoting prevention and early intervention, and developing quality outcomes and value for money solutions which meet care and support needs
  • Avoiding Harm, Waste and Variation: To ensure high quality care across all services

Directory of Services for Older People in the Vale of Glamorgan & Cardiff is a publication developed by GVS.

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If you run a service for older people and the information is not in the directory, please forward an entry to us so that it may be included in this update.


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