In 2020,work commissioned by Cardiff Third Sector Council – C3SC on behalf of the Regional Partnership Board (RPB) for the development of framework to develop the participation and engagement performance and capacity of the RPB.

Leveraging established third sector networks and expertise, ProMo-Cymru, as lead partner, supported by ACE produced a discovery report as the basis for development of a framework for region-wide collaboration with public service and third sector partners.

This initial discovery phase included:

  • 23 interviews with 30 professionals from statutory and third sectors with links to the RPB or PSBs
  • 2 completed online surveys
  • 4 interviews with citizen focused organisations
  • 3 with citizens and 1 completed online survey by a citizen
  • Desk research including other RPBs, national guidance and regional public sector

Citizen Engagement Framework

The process of co-production continues in 2021-2022

Continuing the development of our Engagement Framework through the implementation of practice examples of co-production, workshops will inform the next phase of development which will include identifying pilot areas for ongoing practical work.

The emerging engagement framework will be particularly necessary in 2021/22 which we see as a transitional year – moving away from short-term, grant funding supporting service development; towards a more fundamental change in service delivery that emphasises the assets of people and places.

Particular emphasis will be placed upon ensuring that our new governance structures of Ageing Well and Starting Well are based upon a foundation of co-production and engagement.

Existing networks and engagement structures

The Partnership works with stakeholders and service users to inform future service development and to help co-design new provision. The Partnership uses a variety of mechanisms, depending on the nature of the service where involvement is sought. Examples include:

  • The ‘Let’s Talk’ Engagement Programme to inform the development of the Population Needs Assessment.
  • Local engagement events focused on older people services in relation to preventative services.
  • Utilising Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Citizen Panels.
  • Volunteering Fairs to encourage increased volunteering.
  • On-going ‘Patients Voice’ engagement by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to consider feedback and ideas to improve services.
  • Dementia Friends training.
  • Engagement with service users and stakeholder in relation to the Dementia Needs Assessment and new Dementia Strategy.
  • Young Carers ‘Speak Out’ engagement to review priority areas and inform future actions.
  • Engagement with communities and stakeholders about the development of new community hubs.

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