Cardiff Time – ‘Strengthening Cardiff together; one hour at a time’


The ‘Cardiff Time Credits’ programme is the first city wide community currency of its type in the world.


The programme brings together a wide range of host organisations, including Cardiff Council, the third sector, businesses and small grass-roots organisations who will contribute opportunities for citizens of Cardiff to earn and spend ‘time credits’. The programme grows in size, scale and impact year on year, and has a number of benefits:


  • It is improving health and well-being for Time Credits participants through increased activity and greater social interactions.
  • Networks are being developed between existing programmes and partners that enables communities, public services, the voluntary sector and businesses to work together to address local priorities.
  • Time credits are changing relationships between services and their users, transforming citizens from passive recipients to active participants.
  • A strong and varied Time Credit Spend Network has been developed, enabling people to build skills and confidence through access to activities and services that they may not normally be able to access.


The Cardiff Partnership’s ambition is that by 2020 over 8,000 individuals will have donated 100,000 hours of volunteering time to the city. To find out more, visit the Just Add Spice website, or email: