‘Families First’ is a Welsh Government-funded programme which has been developed to play a key role, alongside mainstream services and other initiatives, such as Flying Start and Communities First, in addressing child poverty. The Programme aims to help:


  • Working age people in low income families gain, and progress within employment;
  • Children, young people and families, in or at risk of poverty, achieve their potential;
  • Children, young people and families be healthy and enjoy well-being;
  • families to be confident, nurturing resilient and safe.


Families First contributes to all three strategic objectives set out in the Welsh Government’s Child Poverty Strategy and latterly the Tackling Poverty Action Plan, by reducing the number of workless families through improving skills and removing barriers to employment; reducing inequalities that exist in education, health and economic outcomes for children; and by improving those services for those living in poverty.


The focus of the Programme is on early intervention and prevention. It aims to provide families with the right help at the right time to prevent situations getting worse. In particular, it aims to provide support for families that are on low income, or are vulnerable in some other way.


For further information about services in Cardiff and Vale of Glamaorgan, please see the links below.