The Cardiff South East Neighbourhood Partnership Area is comprised of the Electoral Wards of Adamsdown, Gabalfa, Plasnewydd, Splott and part of Cathays. The remainder of Cathays is currently part of the City & Cardiff South Neighbourhood Partnership Area.


Cardiff South East has a population of 67,500 persons, according to the mid-2014 population estimates; 19.1% of the Cardiff Total. Around half of the NPA’s population are aged 16-29 (with three-fifths of these aged 20-24) compared to just over a quarter across Cardiff as a whole. Conversely, it has lower proportions aged 0-15 and 30+ than Cardiff.


According to the 2011 Census, 79.5% of residents were of white ethnicity; below the Cardiff average of 84.7%. In addition, only 36.5% of households in the NPA are owner-occupied, compared to 59.1% for Cardiff, while 44.1% are privately rented; more than double the Cardiff figure of 21.9%.


To find out more about Cardiff South East, please visit the Cardiff Partnership website here.

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