The Cardiff South West Neighbourhood Partnership area includes the four Electoral Wards of Canton, Riverside, Ely and Caerau and is served by the Canton and Ely policing team.


The population of Cardiff South West is 55,400, according to the mid-2014 population estimates, which is approximately 15.6% of Cardiff’s total population. The Neighbourhood has a higher proportion of persons aged 0-15 and 30-44 than the Cardiff average. Conversely, it has a lower proportion of persons aged 16-29 and post retirement age.


According to the 2011 Census, 83.8% of residents were of white ethnicity. This is slightly lower than the Cardiff average of 84.7%


The area generally has higher unemployment claimant rates than the Cardiff average, whilst more than two-fifths of children aged 0-15 live in the most deprived decile of education domain in Wales according to the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation. Similarly, around half of 0-15 year olds live in the worst decile, or tenth, of communities in terms of income deprivation, more than 5 times the expected share.


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