Part 9 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 requires Regional Partnership Boards to agree an integrated market position statement (MPS) and commissioning strategy for older people services. To meet this requirement, the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Regional Partnership Board published its MPS in January 2018.


Within our MPS, the Partnership committed to “Reviewing local housing strategies in light of current provision and developing a joint regional accommodation with care and support strategy“. It was agreed that this would involve an evaluation of the level of accommodation with care and support required now and in the future.


In order to complete this work, the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) were commissioned by the Partnership to undertake a review. The report – An Assessment of Older Persons Housing and Accommodation 2018 – contains a number of recommendations for the Partnership to consider. These include:


  • Further development of contemporary ‘care ready’ sheltered/retirement housing which is without care on site but enables people to age at home
  • Mainstream housing developments to include well designed units which appeal to older people and which promote inter-generational housing
  • Increase the delivery of housing with care options including extra care and extra care ‘lite’ which may include smaller scale new build developments and redesigning some appropriate sheltered housing schemes to include a ‘care hub’
  • Develop a comprehensive information and advice service for social housing tenants and homeowners in relation to adaptations and housing options
  • Scale up the development of ‘step-down’ housing based models of care to support timely discharge and promote reablement
  • To work with the Welsh Government in relation to affordable housing targets and the potential for guidance in relation to older people housing
  • To work with care providers to consider alternative service models to residential care, including provision of nursing care.


This work is now being used to inform the work of the Partnership’s Health, Housing and Care Programme Board. Download the Terms of Reference here.