The Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan Integrated Health & Social Care Partnership is committed to improving the health and well-being of older people over the age of 65 years. This can only be done by working collectively with our wider partners, providers and with citizens themselves. To support the development of our services for older people we have undertaken work to develop a new service model and commissioning intentions under the strapline of “Me, my home, my community”. This is based on agreed principles for joint working focusing on:


  • ‘What matters to me’ – listening and working with people in need of care and support to jointly find solutions to meet their needs;
  • Home first – enabling people to live at home, or as close to home as possible, in accommodation appropriate to their needs and where people can live well, thrive and remain independent;
  • Sustainable and prudent use of resources – promoting prevention and early intervention, and developing quality outcomes and value for money solutions which meet care and support needs;
  • Avoiding harm, waste and variation – to ensure high quality care across all services.


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